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FOKS Distance Learning Notification

Due to restrictions in place necessitated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will begin the school year virtually. We have met with the administration of New Orleans Public Schools and we agree that all students in the district will start the school year with distance learning. Students will participate in distance learning until Labor Day. We will reassess the situation at the end of August and provide additional information after Labor Day. School will start on August 17th for all Dr. M. L. King students. Parents have been contacted by a teacher with important information and a series of virtual orientations will take place during the week of August 10th through the 14th.

Our school building will be open to staff only. Our classroom teachers will use Google Classroom platform and Zoom to connect with students. We make no guarantee or promise as to the availability, quality, or security of these platforms. However, we have implemented a helpline for parents having issues connecting to the platforms. Teachers have been assigned an email address and zoom phone number to assist in contacting and reaching all their students. We will monitor the attendance of every student as the state truancy laws will be followed. The state has not reduced the minutes of instruction which means that students must attend class every day or they will be in danger of failing. If you need to come to the building, please email:

We will continue to post information on the website and send informational blast. All parents are asked to log into their parent portal and complete the student contact form to ensure we have your current information.

Please contact Sylvia Ellison ( should you have questions about our virtual platform.

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