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Distance Learning

Dear King Parents,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. We’ve missed our “angels” and we are  anxious to begin the 2020/21 school year. To reopen successfully, we are making changes for the safety and wellness of our students, faculty and staff.

We are happy to share our Roadmap to Reopening with you. Our Leadership Team has devised  his plan based on current federal, state and local guidance regarding Covid 19. Please understand that this plan is very fluid and subject to change pending new guidance. If there are any changes, we will let you know immediately.

We are extremely excited that we will welcome our students back for Inperson Instruction  and/or Distance Learning on August 17th. (PreKdg12th grades including students with disabilities). Please understand that whatever platform you choose, your child will get the best quality education.

When we open in August, the school will look different, and new rules will be in place.
However, we will remain steadfast in our efforts to ensure our students succeed and achieve to their

fullest potential. In order for this to happen, home and school must continue to work together. We will get through these challenging times!

Administrative and Leadership Team

Visitors and Volunteers

As we reopen the school year, unfortunately visitors and volunteers, including parents, will be restricted from entering the schools. Our parents are an integral part of the Friends of King Schools, and our partnership is essential to the success of our students. However, an important element of our overall planning is to reduce the number of people each student comes in contact with, this will help ensure the safety of our students and faculty.

If there is an emergency during school hours, and you must check your child out from school, you must call the school before 2:30 p.m. (504) 940-2243) explaining the emergency. We will release your child from the Caffin Avenue doors, after presenting necessary identification.

Building community remains important and we will be sharing creative ways we plan to engage with you during this unique time.


Cleaning and disinfecting are part of a broad approach to preventing infectious diseases. The school is being thoroughly disinfected and sanitized.


  • The water fountains will not be used. Each student is ask to bring a personal bottle of water to school daily.
  • Schools supplies cannot be shared. Make certain that your child has daily supplies (paper, pencils, etc.).
  • Students will be organized into static groups, with limited transitions throughout the They will remain with the same students/teachers all day.
  • Students and employees will have their temperature checked upon arriving to the campus daily. If the temperature is elevated, the student will be isolated and the parent will be notified to come and get the student immediately. Medical clearance will be necessary before the child is allowed to return.
  • Students will wash and/or sanitize their hands multiple times per day.
  • Breakfast and lunch will take place in the classrooms with the static group.
  • All students will practice social distancing at all times. Desks will be six feet apart.
  • E., enrichment classes and recess will operate using the static group model and practicing social distancing.
  • 100% distance learning will be available to all parents. If a parent/guardian decides that this is the method of instruction desired, then this method must be maintained for at least nine weeks before changing. The online platform that we will be using is “Google ” The teaching staff has been involved in many professional development activities to sharpen their skills on this platform. We are planning a professional development activity for parents on Google Classroom. The date for this will be sent later. We are enclosing a guide for parents on Google Classroom. This will assist some parents who want to get a start prior to the professional development activity.
  • Bus students will have their temperatures check before they board the bus. If the temperature is elevated, parents must take the student home. Medical clearance will be necessary before the child is allowed to return.
  • Parents must remain with the child until the bus monitor get to the site. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Parents must pick students up on time. The monitors are unable to “babysit” students when parents fail to pick students up on time.
  • Bus students must have on masks before boarding the bus. The masks should remain on until the child gets home at the end of school day.
  • Students will have strict assigned bus seating to maintain social distancing. Students from the same household will be allowed to sit on the same seat. Students will not be allowed to change seats.

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Need Help

If you are experiencing issues and need support with Google Classroom, please contact our Technology Help Hotline: 504-308-3381 3:30 PM- 6:30 PM Monday-Thursday